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TV Spottings

Huge thanks to obi1mcgregor who is providing us with television listings!

U.S. Television .:. U.K. Television .:. Canadian Television

Don’t forget to check your local listings for time and channel in your area.

U.S. Television (all times are U.S. Eastern)

Black Hawk Down
Tuesday August 22 12:30pm on AMC

I Love You Phillip Morris
Friday August 18 2:30pm on TMCXe
Monday August 21 11:50am on EPIX
Tuesday August 22 6:15pm on TMCXe

Tuesday August 22 3:00am on TBS

Moulin Rouge!
Sunday August 20 5:52am on STZCL
Sunday August 20 1:47pm on STZCL
Wednesday August 23 2:46pm on STZCL

Tuesday August 15 8:44am on STZEN
Saturday August 19 9:09am on STZFM
Saturday August 19 8:00pm on STZFM
Sunday August 20 7:04am on STZFM
Wednesday August 23 6:10am on STZCL
Wednesday August 23 1:13pm on STZCL

The Ghost Writer
Thursday August 17 8:55am on SHOCe
Friday August 18 7:30am on REELZ
Tuesday August 22 5:15pm on SHOCe
Wednesday August 23 6:15am on SHO2e
Thursday August 24 8:05am on SHOXe
Friday August 25 4:15am on SHOXe

The Island
Wednesday August 23 5:00pm on TNT

Sunday August 20 2:29pm on STZ
Wednesday August 23 2:24am on STZ


U.K. Television

Angels & Demons
Monday 14 August 9:00pm on Sky Cinema Crime & Thriller

Moulin Rouge!
Monday 14 August 5:45pm on Sky Cinema & Romance


Canadian Television (all times are Eastern; check local listings, especially for Pay-Per-View)

Available on demand on CinéPop

Armée et dangereuse (Jane Got a Gun)
Available on demand on Super Écran 1

Big Fish: La légende du gros poisson (Big Fish)
Available on demand on Cinépop

Black Hawk Down
Tuesday August 22 1:30pm on AMC

Down With Love
Sunday August 20 12:30am on Game TV

Available on demand on Cinépop
Wednesday August 16 12:30pm on Cinépop

Moulin Rouge!
Friday August 18 10:30pm on Rewind

Nanny McPhee Returns
Available on demand on TMN Encore

Our Kind of Traitor
Available on demand on TMN 1

The Island
Friday August 25 1:00pm on Movietime



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