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Ewan News was created in March 2000 by Alyse, who runs ewanspotting.com. In Alyse’s own words:

I run ewanspotting.com and as Ewan’s career began to skyrocket, I knew I had to do something. It was becoming harder for me to keep up the news section properly. Then I saw Phil Metro. Inspiration struck. Wouldn’t it be awesome if there was one place on the Internet that fans could go to find out all the latest news about Ewan where several people contributed from different Ewan sites? Instead of going to 10 different Ewan sites, you would only need to visit one?

That’s the mission of this site. Ewan News will always be a work in progress. So far over 1.4 million unique visitors have checked in with Ewan News since its launch. This site has inspired other celebrity news sites and is considered the premiere source of up-to-date Ewan McGregor news on the web.

In October 2004, Alyse gave Ewan News over to Claude, webmistress of The Best of Ewan McGregor. She became involved with Ewan News a month after its launch.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me. If you run a Ewan site and would like to use news items posted here, please provide credit to Ewan News. If you started a celebrity news site inspired by Ewan News, I’d love to hear about it. Please send me the URL so I may see it.

Ewan News was designed by NodeThirtyThree who provided the free template and was completely recoded by Claude, using much computer magic (standard Photoshop and HTML skills). It looks best at (at least)1024x768 resolution and requires a recent browser to enjoy some of the functions. I recommend Firefox. It’s safe, it’s fast and it’s free.


The news team

.:. Current Staff .:.

Claude .:. Runs The Best of Ewan McGregor on top of being a webmaster by day.

obi1mcgregor .:. Tweets (@obi1mcgregor) and posts at LiveJournal.

.:. Past Staff .:.

Alyse .:. Insane gal (or so she’s always told) who runs too many websites and has no life. Webmaster of ewanspotting.com, the Jonathan Rhys Meyers fansite, Brilliance: the Jude Law fansite and many more.

Ryka .:. Helped maintain the TV and Media spotting sections.

Maureen .:. Webmaster of Ewan A Nutshell.

Anna .:. A wonderful webmaster of a lovely Ewan site who passed away due to a tragic accident... she will always be missed.

Laura .:. Crazy NYC gal and webmaster of The Modern Age... an early contributor who was very helpful in the first days of this site.

Please do not Email any member asking to be made a part of the Ewan News team. Becoming part of this site by invitation only. You may contact the individual staff members via their website.

A special thank you to everyone who has contributed to this site.


This site was originally hosted by Pitas.com. They were cool, but in late December 2012, without warning, they blocked everyone from making updates and they ignore Emails and tweets. That’s not cool.. Ewan News is now hosted at news.bestofewan.com.


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